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How Banking Local Can Help Your Community

How Banking Local Can Help Your Community


If you shop locally in support of your community, we’ve got another way you can use your wallet to make an impact — banking at a local, community bank.

Where you live is where your life takes place. And at Pathfinder Bank, Central New York is our home. It's where we spend our time with people we care about, and it's where we work to make those things possible. Our commitment as a local bank is to the people, employees and communities that we serve.

When you trust your finances with a local bank like ours, your money is close to home, and you can positively impact your community. Read on to learn how


How Banking Local Helps Your Community

Having a banking relationship with a local bank like ours means your money is being invested back into the places, people and businesses that make our community unique. Our success is intertwined with the success of the communities we serve. It’s not only our passion but it’s in our best interest to provide the means and resources to help our communities, and the businesses and families living here, to grow.

We take pride in providing opportunities for small businesses to thrive through a full suite of banking services, loan and deposit products, hands-on service, local knowledge of our markets, and more. In turn, these local businesses help foster more local job creation, employment growth and economic progress.

In addition to helping businesses thrive, we pride ourselves on working with individuals to fulfill their dreams of homeownership, helping us build vibrant, healthy neighborhoods.  

Other ways banking local helps our community is through sponsorship, volunteerism, and free financial education. At Pathfinder Bank, our goal is to provide resources that support non-profit organizations and business that serve the health, economic, education, cultural and, critical services needs of our communities. We also sponsor regional events and institutions that enrich our culture and enhance the quality of life in our region.

But to give loans and provide monetary support to matters that mean the most, a bank needs deposits on their books. And when you open an account, you add to those deposits.

How Banking Local Can Help You

Banking local means access, local knowledge, flexible products and services and a trusted adviser invested in your success.

With our local community bank, you have access to decision makers and employees who are committed to building lasting, meaningful relationships both inside and outside the branch. We’re your friends and neighbors who volunteer, serve on local boards and committees, and coach little league teams. We are intentional about how we engage with our markets; participating, asking and listening. In doing so, we offer products and services that are tailored to benefit the individuals and businesses that make up our communities.

As your goals and priorities evolve, you deserve a dynamic team of experts who are as familiar with the local environment as they are with your specific financial situation. As a local bank, our employees are in the best position to work on your behalf, ensuring your financial journey and strategies are customized to your specific needs.

Choosing a Local Bank Means Being Proactive About Your Community

When you shop locally – whether it’s a coffee shop, gift shop, or dining in at your favorite restaurant – you are showing that you care about local business owners and that you value what they bring to your community. When you shift your banking to a local bank, you’re sharing that same sentiment.

See what our customers have to say about their exeriences banking local. 

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