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Make purchases for your company or organization while earning rewards points for every dollar spent.

Key Features

  • Key Feature One Secure Spending
  • Valuable Rewards Valuable Rewards
  • 24/7 ATM Access 24/7 ATM Access
  • Free Visa® debit card accepted worldwide
  • Valuable uChoose Rewards program provided at no cost to you:
    • Earn 1 point for every $2 in signature-based purchases
    • Earn additional points at participating in-store and online retailers
    • Redeem points for millions of items online
  • Funds deducted directly from checking account
  • No finance charges or fees
  • Easier and safer than cash or check
  • Use for ATM withdrawals; see ATM Security
  • Direct Access to your account balance via digital banking
  • $0 Liability Protection on lost/stolen cards1

Activate your card, set your 4-digit PIN, or change your 4-digit PIN anytime using our automated phone system. Learn more.

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1Limitations per Reg E.


CardValet is a free mobile app that gives our personal and business debit cardholders the ability to actively manage their debit card usage by defining when, where, and how their debit card is used.

Getting started is easy. Simply download the free CardValet app to your mobile device then customize usage settings and alert preferences. Your card, your terms! 

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  • Card usage controls: Spending limits can be established to allow transactions up to a certain dollar value and decline transactions when amounts exceed pre-defined thresholds1. Transactions can also be monitored or controlled for specific merchant categories such as gas, hotel, travel, restaurants, groceries or electronic stores
  • Card on/off setting: When the card is "on," transactions are allowed in accordance with each cardholder's usage control settings. When the card is "off," no purchases or withdrawals are approved until the card is turned back "on." This control can be used to disable a lost or stolen card
  • Location-based controls: The My Location control can restrict transactions to merchants located within a certain range of each cardholder's location (using the phone's GPS); transactions requested outside of the specified range can be declined. The My Region control uses city, state, country or zip code on an expandable interactive map; transactions requested by merchants outside of a specific region can be declined.
  • Interactive alerts: CardValet can send a real-time alert when a card is used, when a transaction is approved and exceeds any of the permitted use policies, or when a card transaction has been attempted but is declined
  • Financial features: CardValet also enables cardholders to conduct limited card-related transactions wherever they are, any time of the day, including real-time balance inquiries and locating ATMs
  • Business tools: CardValet puts debit card management right into the business owner's hands with the ability to link accounts with more than one debit card. Business owners have the ability to turn cards off when not in use, establish spending limits to allow transactions up to a certain dollar value, and decline transactions when amounts exceed predefined thresholds or are not business-related.

View CardValet’s frequently asked questions.

1In order to increase the spending limits set per Reg E, you must first sign a limit increase form at one of our branch locations. Once processed, you can then use CardValet to establish spending thresholds based on that higher balance.

Card Valet is a trademark of Fiserv, Inc. or its affiliates. For more information, visit


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