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Banking shouldn’t confine you. With digital banking, you can roam free while enjoying anywhere account access.

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  • Free to all Pathfinder Bank customers
    • Transfer funds between accounts
    • Pay bills online
    • View real-time balances
    • View electronic copies of your account statements
    • View transactions in a statement format
    • View past account history
    • Search history by check number, amount, or date range
    • Export history to popular personal finance programs
    • Request stop payments
  • Pay bills all through one screen:
    • Eliminate postage fees
    • Reduce paper waste
    • Pay bills, companies, and individuals
    • Set up recurring payments
    • Schedule payments in advance
    • Make one-time payments
  • Highest level of security
  • Bank according to your own schedule

New to online banking? Get a sneak peek with this demo.

Enroll for eStatements and you’ll have access 24/7 online. No need to store, shred, or worry if they’ll get lost or stolen in the mail. eStatements have the same look and value as a traditional statement -you can download and print them yourself too! Enroll in eStatements today.

  • Free to all of our online banking customers
  • View the same information that's on your paper statement
  • Reduce chances of fraud and identity theft
  • Statements are easy to download, print, or save
  • Receive email notice when new e-Statement is readyMobile and Online Banking,
  • Your eStatements are available online via Online Banking for up to 18 months, making it easier for record keeping and tax preparation
  • Environmentally friendly

Get Started

It's easy to go paperless! Already an online banking user?

  • Log into online banking (the primary account holder must login and enroll to receive eStatements on joint accounts).
  • From the Accounts screen, click on the STATEMENTS tab.
  • If this is your first time using online statements, you will then verify that your personal information is correct. The email address you include will be used to notify you when your eStatements are ready.
  • Click on ENROLL. You will be redirected to the eStatements portal. If not redirected, please check your pop-up blocker settings.
  • In the eStatements portal, click the "ONLINE ONLY" button to change your statement setting to receive eStatements.
  • If this is your initial enrollment, click “I Agree” on the eStatements Agreement that will pop-up on your screen.
  • Click SAVE to update your statement setting.
  • When you choose to go paperless, you will see your first statements on your next statement cycle.
  • On future visits to your online banking, click the STATEMENTS tab to go directly to the eStatements portal (pop-ups must be allowed for the window to display).

Online statements will be available for 18 months beginning with the date you choose to go paperless. You may switch back at any time by choosing "Paper Only"1. Once saved, you will receive your next statement in the mail. You may also make changes to your settings by contacting us at (315) 343-0057 or (800) 811-5620.

1Please note that there is a $2.00 service fee to receive paper deposit statements in the mail beginning March 1, 2020. Refer to fee schedule.

  • Free to all of our online banking customers1
  • 24/7, secure, on-the-go account management
  • Fast account access with any smartphone or web-enabled device
  • View accounts via mobile browser, text, or downloadable app
  • App available for iPhone® and Android™ devices
  • Conveniently locate branches and ATMs
  • View real-time balances
  • View past account history
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Pay bills
  • Deposit checks from your phone with mobile deposit

Text Banking

When you enroll in mobile banking, you begin the process of Text Banking. Simply text Yes to 469228 and Text Banking is enabled.

Access Text Banking by sending a text to 469228 and one of the short codes below:

B, BAL, or BALANCE = Available Balance

  • BALANCE (returns balances for all accounts)
  • BAL 'nickname' (returns balances for 'nickname' account)

DETAILS = The specified account details including: masked account number, type of account, nickname, and current and available balances.

  • DETAILS 'nickname' (returns the account details for the 'nickname' account)


  • TRAN 'nickname' (returns the last four transactions for the 'nickname' account)

X, XFER, TRANSFER = Transfer funds between Bank accounts

  • XFER 'amount' TO 'nickname' (transfers funds from your default account to the 'nickname' account)
  • X 'amount' FROM 'nickname1' TO 'nickname2' (transfers funds from the 'nickname1' account to the 'nickname2' account)

HELP, HELP ALL or HELP 'short code' = Help Requests

  • HELP (returns contact information for the Bank)
  • HELP ALL (returns a list of all short codes available)
  • HELP 'short code' (returns help information for the specific 'short code' requested)

STOP, STOP SMS, or STOP ALL = Disables Mobile Banking

  • STOP (Disable mobile banking access)
  • STOP SMS (Disable SMS Text Banking only)
  • STOP ALL (Disables both mobile and SMS banking)

Text Banking is not case sensitive. Default account is the first account displayed on the Balances screen or returned from the BALANCE short code.

To help simplify your Text Banking experience, we recommend that you establish short 'Nicknames' for all of your accounts. Start by logging into your Online Banking account and choose the Nicknames button under the Balances/History buttons.

1There is no charge from Pathfinder Bank for mobile or text banking. However, you should review your mobile device plan for any fees that your service provider may charge.

  • Deposit checks anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone
  • Free service for customers with a Pathfinder Bank checking account
  • Save time, avoid unnecessary trips to a branch
  • Just a few quick clicks to deposit checks in minutes

View our FAQ below to learn more, and download our FAQ sheet

Use of Mobile Deposit demonstrates acceptance of Pathfinder Bank's Personal Mobile Banking Disclaimer.

Q. How do I enroll in Mobile Banking?

A. First, you must already be enrolled in Online Banking and actively using your account.

Once you are enrolled in Online Banking and you have received your login credentials you may begin following the steps below: 

  • Login to your Online Banking account and click the "Other Services" tab at the top of the screen and then click "Mobile".
  • Read the Mobile Disclaimer to the Internet Banking Agreement. This contains the terms and conditions of use. Click "I accept the Disclaimer" and then Submit to continue.
  • Click the Enroll link and enter the requested details (Choose a Mobile Login of your choice, enter your Mobile telephone Number, and then select a 4-12 digit Pin number that is unique to you) and then click Submit.
  • After you enroll, you will receive two text messages- the first requesting you to reply YES (not case sensitive) to finish your enrollment. The second will provide you with the URL for direct access to our Mobile Banking website.

Once you reply with YES, you will receive one more text message confirming your enrollment and to provide you with the 6-digit SMS/text number for Mobile Banking (469228) 

We recommend that you bookmark our website and add the text number to your phone's contacts so you can quickly access mobile banking without needing to re-type it each time.

Q. What is mobile banking?

A. Mobile Banking is a Service that allows you to access account information using compatible and  supported wireless devices through three delivery channels: text messaging/short message service (SMS), Mobile-enabled Internet browser, and Mobile applications (apps). Through Mobile Banking you can access your accounts and bill payees that are accessible from within your Online Banking. From your phone, you can inquire on balances, view transactions, transfer funds between the accounts, initiate bill payments, change your mobile pin number, locate ATM and banking locations or contact us.

Q. Is mobile banking secure?

A. The same 128-bit SSL encryption used to protect Internet banking is also used to protect mobile. This is the industry standard for securing Internet activity technology preventing anyone from intercepting or interrupting information transmitted from your mobile device. What this means to you is that your banking activity is scrambled from your browser to our banking servers at all times so no unauthorized party can read your information as it flows across the Internet. Furthermore, Mobile Banking uses the same multifactor authentication (MFA) security as your Online Banking account. You may be asked to answer one of your Online Banking security questions every time you log into Mobile Banking. Why? Some mobile browsers cannot store cookies.

Q. Are there fees to use Mobile Banking?

A. There is no charge from Pathfinder Bank for Text Banking. However, you should review your mobile device plan for any fees that your service provider may charge.

Q. Does mobile banking require a "smart" phone?

A. No. We developed mobile banking to work with virtually all of today's phones and the most popular mobile phone service providers as well as other mobile devices. You can use our service if your phone just allows text messaging and/or you can browse the Internet on your phone.

Q. Which mobile service carriers support Mobile Banking?

A. All. There are no restrictions on a cell phone carrier.

Q. Do all mobile devices work with Mobile Banking?

A. Mobile Banking software may not be compatible with every Mobile Device. In general, however, Mobile Banking works with any mobile device that has Internet connectivity or has text messaging capability.

An iPhone running iOS 5.1 or later or Android device running Android 2.2 or later is required in order to download the native applications available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Any mobile device with an internet connection can access the WebApp at our website. Standard wireless data charges may apply. 

Any device with texting capability enabled can utilize the SMS/Texting banking channel. Standard text charges may apply.

Q. What if my phone gets lost or stolen?

A. If your phone is lost or stolen; you should Un-Enroll your phone from Mobile Banking by visiting the page under "Other Services" within Online Banking or by calling us at (315) 343-0057 during normal business hours.

Q.What does SMS mean?

A. SMS stands for Short Message Service, most commonly known as "text messaging".

Q. What number do I send text commands to?

A. 469228. Adding 469228 to your phone's contact list will make for quicker access.

Q. Are text commands case sensitive?

A. No. Text banking is not case sensitive.

Q. How do I get a list of text message commands?

A. Text HELP ALL to 469228 to get a list of text commands.

Q. What is my "default account"?

A. Your "default account" is the first account displayed on the Balances screen or returned from the BALANCE short code.

Q. I receive a text message error when I try to request my account balance or get  transactions?

A. The Mobile Banking text message service requires each account in Online Banking to have a nickname. We recommend that you establish short 'Nicknames' for all of your accounts. Start by logging into your Online Banking account and choose the Nicknames button under the Balances|History buttons.

Q. Is an App from Google Play™ or the Apple App Store® required?

A. No. An App is not required to use Mobile Banking. A mobile web browser or SMS/text messaging are other alternatives.

Q. Is there a fee for the Mobile Apps?

A. No. All of our Mobile Apps are free.

Q. What happens if I change my phone number?

A. If your mobile phone number changes, simply sign in to your Online Banking account, click the "Other Services" tab, click the Mobile tab, and select "Change Login Details". You can change both your Mobile Number and/or Pin from here.

Q. Can more than one person use Mobile Banking on their phones if they share a Login ID for Online Banking?

A. Yes and No. First, we always recommend that an account holder obtain their own, unique login credentials. However, if you are sharing the Online Banking portion of Mobile Banking, only one phone number may be set up for Mobile Banking; therefore, only one user can use text messaging Mobile Banking. This further supports our recommendation that users obtain their own login credentials. If all account holders wish to use test messaging Mobile Banking, then you will have to have separate Online Banking and Mobile Banking profiles.

Q. Can I change my Mobile Banking user name?

A. Yes. In order to change your Mobile Banking user name you must first sign on to your Online Banking account. Under "Other Services" you'll click "Mobile," and then "Change Login Details". Change your Mobile Login user name, enter your current Pin, confirm your current Pin and click "Submit".

Q. Can I locate ATM's in Mobile Banking?

A. Absolutely. When you are in Mobile Banking, just click the tab that says "Locate ATMs". It will bring up all ATMs, their distance from your current location, and directions on how to get there.

Q. Can I make a Mobile transfer to anyone and/or to any bank?

A. This feature is coming soon! Currently you can only transfer funds to your own internal accounts. Soon we will be offering a "person-to-person" payment service that will allow you to pay anyone through Mobile Banking.

Q. Why can't I make transfers to my external banking accounts?

A. Accounts with other banks are not available to transfer to or from with Mobile Banking at this time. If this feature is needed, please use Online Banking.

Q. Can I pay bills through my Mobile Banking?

A. If you are enrolled in our Bill Payment service you can pay bills on your mobile device. Mobile Banking is currently limited to paying one bill-at-a-time. Please use our full Online Banking site if it is more convenient to pay multiple bills.

Q. If I un-roll in Mobile Banking, can I ever re-enroll again?

A. Yes, you can enroll in Mobile Banking access from your Online Banking account under "Other Services" and then "Mobile". Read and accept the disclaimer then click "enroll".

Q. What if I want to cancel my Mobile Banking service? 

A. To cancel or deactivate, login to your Online Banking account, click the "Other Services" tab, click on the Mobile tab, and Select "Un-Enroll".

You can also text one of the following commands to 469228:

  • STOP
  • END
  • QUIT

Q. Are Mobile Transfers immediate?

A. Yes. Transfers in Mobile Banking are immediate bank deposit accounts.

Q. What if I forget my Mobile Banking PIN and the bank is closed?

A. You can change your PIN from your Online Banking account, under "Other Services" and then "Mobile". Click "Change PIN". Enter a new Pin and Confirm Pin and click "Submit".

Q. What is the difference between "Un-Enroll" and "Disable mobile access"?

A. If you "Un-Enroll" from Mobile Banking, your information will be deleted from the system. You must enroll again if you decide to use Mobile Banking again. If you "disable mobile access", you are temporarily disabling the use of Mobile Banking from your phone, while keeping your Mobile Banking information in the system. After you disable your mobile access, the button will change to "Enable Mobile Access" in Online Banking.

Q. Will Mobile Banking kick me out after a certain time?

A. Yes, After 5 minutes of inactivity, Mobile Banking will log you off.

Q. What is Mobile Deposit?

A. Mobile Deposit is a new feature within our Mobile app. It is a secure service that allows you to deposit paper checks into an eligible Pathfinder Bank account from anywhere using your mobile device.

Q. Who is eligible to use Mobile Deposit?

A. You must have a deposit eligible account* and be enrolled in our Mobile Banking to use this feature.

At this time, business customers are ineligible for Mobile Deposit. We will keep you updated as eligibility requirements may change in the future. In the meantime, you may wish to consider using our Remote Deposit Capture service. Remote Deposit Capture is a web-based application which allows our business customers to make check deposits from their office.

*Deposit eligible accounts include all of our Free and Easy Checking, Extra Checking, Plus Checking, and Money Management Checking, and our Money Market Deposit Accounts. 

Q. How do I enroll for Mobile Deposit?

A. To enroll, you must first submit an online application. Within three business days, an email notification of your enrollment status will be sent to you along with a FAQ. When approved, you will see the "Deposit" tab enabled in Mobile Banking and you may begin making mobile deposits.

Q. Which mobile devices/smart phones are compatible with Mobile Deposit?

A. The Pathfinder Bank Mobile app is needed for Mobile Deposit. The app is currently available for Android™ and iOS® devices. A camera in your mobile device and a connection to the Internet is required in order to use Mobile Deposit. Service may be limited depending upon your local carrier. 

Q. What version of the Mobile app do I need to use Mobile Deposit?

A. Mobile Deposit is a feature included in the most recent version of our Pathfinder Bank Mobile app. If you don't see "Deposit" as a menu option after being enrolled, download our latest app.

Q. How does Mobile Deposit work?

A. You may only deposit one check at a time and checks may only be deposited into an eligible Pathfinder Bank account.

Within our Mobile app Select "Deposit" on the Mobile Banking main menu. Select the account you wish to make the deposit to from the drop-down menu. Enter the amount of the check you wish to deposit. Verify that the check has been endorsed properly and that is it an eligible check. Select "Check Front." Using your mobile device's camera, take a photo of the front of the check in landscape format. To help ensure the check can be processed, please make sure the check is not ripped or damaged. Choose an area with good lighting to take the picture of your check. Please also ensure that all four (4) corners of the check are captured in the image. You may tap the image of the check to verify that the image is clear. Select "Check Back." Using your mobile device's camera, take a photo of the back of the check in landscape format. You may tap the image of the check to verify that the image is clear. Verify that both images have been captured and that the deposit amount, account and date of deposit are accurate. Select "Make Deposit" to complete your deposit. 

Q. How should I endorse the check?

A. To make a Mobile Deposit, please endorse your check as your normally would for any other deposit. Pathfinder Bank requires specifying "mobile deposit" under your signature. In some instances, checks may also include a box that says "mobile deposit" on the front. That box MUST be checked off. Without this endorsement, the deposit will be rejected.

Q. Can I deposit any type of check with Mobile Deposit?

A. Pathfinder Bank Mobile Deposit can accept most check types, including two party (personal), payroll, and government checks. Mobile Deposit will only process checks that have been issued in the United States of America.

Q. What are the Mobile Remote Deposit Limits?

A. Maximum value of each check deposited: $2,500.00. Daily Mobile Deposit limit per account: $2,500.00. Monthly Mobile Deposit limit per account: $5,000.00 

Q. What is the Cut-Off Time / Funds Availability?

A. If the deposit is made before 3:00 PM EST on a business day that we are open, you will see an entry in your online banking by 6:00 PM that day. The entry in your online banking will state "remote deposit". Holds will be placed in accordance with Pathfinder Bank's Funds Availability policy. We reserve the right to reject any item transmitted through the Mobile Deposit services, at our discretion.

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