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We are here to build. We are here to invest. We are here to listen. 

Our goal is to provide resources that support non-profit organizations and business that serve the health, economic, education, cultural and, critical services needs of our communities. We also sponsor regional events and institutions that enrich our culture and enhance the quality of life in our region. Our commitment is to the people, employees and communities we serve! If you are working towards improving your community, we want to hear from you! 

If you would like to request Pathfinder Bank to sponsor your organization, submit your request below.

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Our Story Begins With You

Everyone comes from somewhere, and where you live is where your life takes place. Central New York is our home. It's where we spend our time with people we care about, and it's where we work to make those things possible. We know this: your story matters, and our story begins with you.

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