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Message from Tom Schneider, President & CEO

Message from Tom Schneider, President & CEO


The lawful protests around our nation, in response to the tragic death of George Floyd, while in custody, is a stark reminder that systemic racism remains as an open, corrosive wound in our nation, and a confirmed violation of our constitutional law and moral principles. 


For those of us who have not lived in the cloud of suspicion and inherent bias, based upon the color of our skin, we need to listen, learn, acknowledge, and evolve. 


It is clear that systemic bias has resulted in inequity in far too many urban and rural communities throughout our nation.  We must all: as citizens, families, leaders, and companies, question what we are doing to either perpetuate or help solve these inequities. 


We know as a community bank, seeking to be a trusted local community partner, we must strive to solve.  We believe that we can and must make extra efforts to solve, by aligning with leadership that is ethically based and seeks a solution.  We must strive to create opportunities in the economy as an employee and leadership developer; and by using our banking services to empower individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs in our most economically challenged neighborhoods. We must help to break the bonds of generational economic inequity.


We are here, we are listening, and we are learning.  We are open to being challenged, and we are dedicated to the efforts and decisions that we hope will advance the wholeness of our society and break down the injustices that exist, still, for so long; so clearly and so saddeningly; for so many generations.  We as a nation should be better than this; we must be better than this for our shared future.  Our constitution demands it.  Our values, morals, principals, and rules of law, demand it. 


Tom Schneider, President & CEO

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