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Interest rates and Annual Percentage Yields are current as of February 8th, 2023 and are subject to change at the bank’s discretion.

APY = Annual Percentage Yield

Please select a CD account term to apply:

Term Tier Rate APY

6 Month CD

$1,000 and above 0.70% 0.65%

1 Year CD

$1,000 and above 0.80% 0.75%

15 Month Special

$1,000 to $49,999 3.93% 4.00%
$50,000 to $99,999 4.17% 4.25%
$100,000 and above 4.41% 4.50%

2 Year CD

$1,000 and above 0.95% 0.95%

2 Year Bump-Up CD Special?

$1,000 and above 3.20% 3.25%

3 Year Bump-Up CD Special?

$1,000 and above 3.30% 3.35%

4 Year CD

$1,000 and above 1.09% 1.10%

Fees may reduce earnings. Early withdrawal is subject to penalty.

? During the term of your Bump-Up Certificate of Deposit, you have a one-time opportunity to “bump-up” the interest rate on your account if the rate on any of our Certificates of Deposit of the same term increase above the rate disclosed at account opening. If you choose to exercise the rate increase option within the terms of the disclosure, the new interest rate and APY will be in effect for the remainder of the CD term, beginning on the first business day of the following month.

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