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We are here to build. We are here to invest. We are here to listen.

That is why we built in service to our foundation. We believe in the importance of helping others…because together, we are stronger.

It's a philosophy that guides our efforts in fostering healthy communities, strengthening local neighborhoods, and encouraging employment, economic and community development through monetary contributions, volunteer support, and community engagement.

We at Pathfinder Bank are here to be more than a business and more than a partner. We are here to be your neighbor, your friend, and a part of your story because our story begins with you.

See what we mean here!

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Upcoming Events

September 22nd

Pathfinder Bank presents: The 5th Annual Oswego PorchFest!

Pathfinder Bank is a proud sponsor of The 5th Annual Oswego PorchFest! Join us on Saturday, September 22nd from 1pm - 6pm for this free, family event organized by the neighbors of Oswego’s Westside! Walk around the west side neighborhood and enjoy a variety of performances by over 60 local artists, along with food from local vendors! For more information, please visit Oswego PorchFest’s official website.


We provide sponsorships to non-profit organizations that serve the health, economic, education, cultural and, critical services needs of our communities. We also sponsor regional events and institutions that enrich our culture and enhance the quality of life in our region.

Please contact us if you would like to request Pathfinder Bank to sponsor your organization.


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