Online Banking Alert

On January 19th, you will see an enhanced login box on our website You will now be able to enter your password in the same screen area as your Login ID. This change means the separate Login Image and Login Phrase screen are no longer necessary. Mobile Banking users will see an App upgrade near the end of January which removes the Image/Phrase component.

FAQ - Online Banking Login Change

Question: Why are changes being made to the Online Banking login process?

Answer: The use of a login image and login phrase are no longer regarded as a meaningful layer of security. The removal of this step in the login process allows us to move the password box to our homepage so you can type your loginID and password in the same screen.

Question: When will the changes take place?

Answer: On January 19th, between 3am and 5am, the Online Banking login process will be updated to remove the image/phrase display and put the login/password input boxes on our homepage.

Question: Will the login change impact banking information?

Answer: No. The modifications only impact the login process. Your login name and password will remain the same. Your bank account balances and transaction history are unaffected. Any reminders, bill-pay information or preferences will remain unchanged.

Question: Is my login process still secure?

Answer: The login process uses a secure browser connection which scrambles yours login credentials so they cannot be read by prying eyes. In addition, the challenge questions and answers serve as another layer of identification.

Question: Does this change impact Mobile Banking?

Answer: Yes. Mobile Banking users will receive an updated app notification near the end of January. After upgrading the app, the login image and login phrase will no longer be displayed during your login process.