About Us

Pathfinder Bank is the oldest financial institution in Oswego County, New York. But the only hint of "old-fashioned" you'll find here is in our commitment to customer service and community involvement. As for the accounts and services we offer, though, we're proudly cutting edge.

It is both through our innovative philosophy and listening closely to customer needs that we have remained a step ahead of the banking industry since 1859. Our aim is to provide all the advanced conveniences the national "megabanks" offer, without the hassles, headaches, and mismanagement that is the hallmark of those banks. We believe we've hit our mark.

We invite you to learn more about our accounts and services, either by browsing our website or stopping by for a personal visit to one of our branches. We look forward to partnering in your financial well-being.

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History of Pathfinder Bank

While we're always looking toward the future, it's valuable to see how far we've come. Below is a brief timeline of our history.

1859 – Oswego City Savings Bank was incorporated on March 4, and opened its doors for business on May 28.

1874 - Bank opens its new building, which is the main office to this day.

1894 - Bank's assets total $1 million.

1906 - Installation of Burroughs adding machine marking the beginning of the automation of the bank's operations.

1911 - The bank purchased its first typewriter and change machine.

1914 - Due to WWI, the bank invests funds into Liberty Bonds. Customers who purchased war bonds were given free safe deposit storage.

1940 - Bank joins the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

1962 - Bank began to study the desirability of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

1967 - Bank opens new branch in Oswego Plaza Shopping Center.

1970 - A walk-up window opened in the bank's main office entrance.

1976 - Checking accounts added to bank's services.

1977 - Tele-Teller answering service of checking accounts and other transactions implemented.

1978 - Grand opening of Mexico Branch on October 16, 1978.

1986 - Computerization of all savings accounts, mortgages, personal loans, and other transactions completed.

1987 - Plaza Branch is built to replace the older facilities at the Oswego Plaza.

1987 - City Savings Bank Loan Center is opened to provide customers with added conveniences in applying for mortgage, home improvement, home equity, personal, auto, boat, and student loans.

1994 - Bank purchases the Fulton and Oswego locations of Columbia Banking Federal Savings and Loan, increasing branch totals to five.

1995 - Oswego City Savings Bank becomes a stock held institution with an initial public offering of $7.50. Forms Pathfinder Bancorp. Inc. as mutual holding company.

1997 - Bank introduces first off-site ATM at Sunrise Foods in Mexico.

1999 - Bank's website is introduced as www.pathfinderbank.com.

2000 - Oswego City Savings Bank officially changes its name to Pathfinder Bank on November 29, 2000.

2001 - Pathfinder Bank launches eSolutions by Pathfinder in September 2001 providing convenient online banking and bill pay access to its customers.

2002 - Pathfinder Bank announces the purchase of Cayuga Bank's Lacona Branch location in October 2002 and retains all staff members.

2005 - Bank builds new branch in Central Square, which opened June 12, 2005.

2009 - Pathfinder Bank celebrates 150 years!

2011 - Pathfinder Bank opens first branch in Onondaga County. Route 31, Cicero Branch opens on February 2nd.

2014 - Pathfinder Bank opens Business Banking Office in Downtown Syracuse.